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Dubai Property Purchase Through An Offshore Company

Dubai Land Department have recently announced, (as of January 1st, 2011) that it is has banned the registration of Dubai property in the name of virtually all “offshore companies” or companies not registered onshore in Dubai. The one exception to this “offshore company ban” is the Jebel Ali Offshore Company. This new rule does not effect individuals, only foreign or “offshore” companies looking to purchase property.

The following Q&A is to inform non GCC purchasers and investors, of the implications of the Land Department’s new rules, and how the recent changes will affect foreign companies purchasing and registering property in Dubai.

Openshore does have a convenient method to enable the purchase by a non-Dubai company but only for properties already owned by Openshore. Please discuss with staff if you wish to have details of this process. However, in general, non Dubai companies apart from Jebel Ali Offshore Company cannot buy property in Dubai – See the Q&A below:

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