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Keeping Your Savings In Banks – Is It Wise?

When trying to assess different investments, you have to try to get the best return with the least risks. In this newsletter we make the case that, in the current climate, for many people, ‘ready’ low-cost investment property in Dubai provides the best such balance if you have savings of around £40,000 or more.

In the past, people who did not want to take ANY risks, thought that keeping money in a bank was 100% risk free. Recent bank problems and the current banking crisis in Cyprus,  is a reminder that keeping money in banks is NOT 100% safe.

Nevertheless, overall, keeping savings in most world banks is relatively safe – but it is not wise. However, due to the ‘fear’ factor of doing anything else with their money (as there have been problems with all forms of other investments – shares, pensions, even commodities), most people still keep their savings in a bank.

It’s not wise to  keep your money in the bank because:-

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Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai Metro Expansion to raise property values

Dubai Metro Expansion Plans

The Dubai Government is pushing ahead with its plans to expand the Dubai Metro Network with the additions of 3 more lines. The current Red Line of the metro has already increased property prices along Sheikh Zayed Road and the Marina areas.

With the extension of existing lines to inland areas and 3 new lines in these inland areas, the net effect will mean that the value of “inland property” away from the prime seaside areas will increase significantly over the coming years – at a faster rate than the prime seaside areas

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