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Dubai Metro Expansion to raise property values

Dubai Metro Expansion Plans

The Dubai Government is pushing ahead with its plans to expand the Dubai Metro Network with the additions of 3 more lines. The current Red Line of the metro has already increased property prices along Sheikh Zayed Road and the Marina areas.

With the extension of existing lines to inland areas and 3 new lines in these inland areas, the net effect will mean that the value of “inland property” away from the prime seaside areas will increase significantly over the coming years – at a faster rate than the prime seaside areas

See the video from the BBC Here and the attached map.

BBC Video on Dubai Metro Expansion

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Effect on Low Cost Investment Properties

The inland low cost studio and 1-bed investment units detailed below are likely to see a significant increase in capital value and rentals. This area will eventually be serviced by both the Blue Metro Line and the extension of the current Green Metro Line to the University areas. These should be in place by 2020 and further expansion will continue beyond this date. See the attached map.

Dubai metro map

One thought on “Dubai Metro Expansion to raise property values”

  1. There has been an increase in property values along Sheikh Zayed road which runs parallel to the current Metro. Sellers are charging a premium if the apartment is walking distance of the metro station.
    As the new lines get built, this will have a positive effect on properties that are near the stations – so buy where the future metro is going to be built.

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