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Dubai Property Map

Click the link below to view the Panorama Map in your browser. Take a look at this AMAZING view

Dubai Panorama Map –The Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Panorama – Click Here 

This shows you a 360 degrees view of Dubai from the very top of the Burj Khalifa. You can Pan and Zoom (High res) and see virtually any landmark in Dubai. In conjunction with the Property map you can relate different property areas to key visible landmarks. Although some areas are in the distance you can zoom in.

Click on the above link to view the Map. You can use the mouse or arrow key to pan and zoom

Openshore Dubai Property Map

Please email us to request the new Openshore Dubai Property Map. This is a pdf files that gets updated regularly and is not on this site.

If you are looking to buy a property in Dubai, you should spend some time looking at the Property Map and reading the information below.

Dubai Map -Low Res Double A3 - 4 Pages outline


The Map is on two A3 sheets and is divided into 4 pages. “Old Dubai” is at the top of pages 1 & 2. The rest is sometimes referred to as “New Dubai” and is shown in pages 3 & 4 and bottom of pages 1 & 2. Overseas buyers can only purchase freehold properties in the “New Dubai” areas. See below the following sections:-

1. Dubai Property Map Summary

2. All Property Areas by Type of Property

3. Property Price Trends & Actual Prices

1. Dubai Property Map Summary

The Property Map is produced by Openshore and is a very good tool for Dubai Property Buyers showing all the key areas. 

Motorways and Metro

There are two main motorways that run across Dubai. At the top is Sheikh Zayed Road which runs parallel with the beach from the old Dubai city to Jebel Ali at the other end. And at the bottom, is Emirates Road which links the current Dubai Airport with new World Central Airport that is under-construction. The Metro red line which is operational runs along Sheikh Zayed Road. The Green Metro line which is also operational runs from along the West side of the Creek, through Deira to the East side of the Airport within the “old Dubai”. The Metro Purple line is yet to be constructed and will run along Emirates Road. 

Old Dubai

Areas at the top of Pages 1 & 2 are “ Old Dubai” and include Bur Dubai, Deira City and Old Jumeirah. Most of these areas apart from ‘Burj & Business Bay’ are leasehold or can only be purchased by Emirati Nationals. Thus Bur Dubai, Deira city or old Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim, Al Safa, Al Wasal etc. are not suitable for purchase by overseas investors but you can rent or lease property here. Palm Deira – right at the top, the third and largest Palm Island and “The World” islands are currently on hold but may be developed in the future.

Low Cost Investment Areas

Areas at bottom of pages 1 & 2 include mostly freehold areas and some of these, which are well established are good for investment e.g. Al-Warsan, DSO, Arabian Ranches and Villa Project.  Our current best-selling low cost investment apartment properties are within this area. A new ‘purple’ metro line will run along and parallel to Emirates Road motorway linking the two airports (on page 1 and page 4). There is a new Phoenix Mall under development nearby. There are also newer areas here which are still under construction (Meydan, South Creek Areas, City of Arabia, Falcon city, Arjan, Liwan, Marjan, Dubailand Residences, Bawadi etc.). Although some buildings here are nearing completion it is still best to avoid these areas as they are difficult to rent out – most people do not like to live near building sites.

New Dubai

-Top of page 3 are the established and expensive seaside areas of “New Dubai”. These include apartment areas (Marina, Palm, JLT, JBR, Tecom, Internet city, Media city, Greens, Sheikh Zayed Rd and Discovery Gardens) and below these are the popular villa areas (Springs, Meadows, Lakes, Emirate Hills, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah village Triangle, Jumeirah Park). All of these areas are good for own use if you are looking to live or work in Dubai but prices and service charges are high. The near you are to the sea – the higher the price.

-Bottom of page 3 includes the new areas of Jumeirah Village Circle, IMPZ, Sports City, Motor City, Remram, Dubai Lagoon, Palisades, Dubai Investment Park areas and Jumeirah Golf Estates villas. All these are at various stages of development.

-Page 4 – all these areas are under development and best avoided. At the top is Palm Jebel Ali, the massive Waterfront City and Jebel Ali Port. In the middle are Jebel Ali Downtown and Jebel Ali Industrial areas. At the bottom is the new World Central airport and World Central city which is expected to be ready from 2020 onwards.

2. Different Types of Property

These are colour coded on the Map

-Freehold and Non-Freehold Areas  (non-freehold areas – Black labels)

-Best Freehold Areas for Investment  (Green Labels)

-Best Freehold Areas for Own Use (Blue Labels)

-Freehold Areas Still Under Construction (Red Labels). Avoid these.

3. Property Prices Trends & Actual Prices

There is a chart on page 4 which shows the Dubai Property Index. This chart is produced by Openshore and covers data from the past 9 years during which  we have been selling property in Dubai. It shows the average prices for ready property assuming 2003 price was an index of 100.

The Dubai property market grew every year from 2003 until Sept 2008. However, from October 2008 to May 2009, over an 8 month period, the market fell by a massive 50% following the world-wide financial crisis. Prices continued to fall a little more but over the past 2 years, prices on ready properties have been relatively stable with only minor changes.

Now overall Dubai economy is booming (GDP 6% due to tourism, finance & immigration) despite recession in construction. There are NO new properties being built as currently prices are below build costs and developers cannot get finance. Thus shortages of ‘ready properties’ are likely with forecast growth of over 10% per year. This is shown as yellow dots on the index chart. The smaller lower cost units will show highest % increase. As prices increase there will be incentive for developers to restart build. Prices have now started to rise since and there are small increases every month.

Actual Property Prices & Rental Yields.

The chart on page 4 shows popular property prices and rental yields. These are approximate averages only but give you an indication of relative prices in different areas and for different types of properties. You can see that lower cost Studios and 1-beds are the best for investment with best net rental yields.

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