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Openshore has been selling properties in Dubai for almost 8 years. Over the initial period we acted as estate agents, helping buyers purchase off-plan properties direct from developers. During this period we saw the Dubai property boom in off-plan property and then the subsequent crash in 2008. Many lessons have been learnt following the off-plan property issues in 2008 after which we stopped selling off-plan properties all-together. We could no longer rely on third party developers, many of whom let us down and also let our clients down by failure to build and by excessive delays.

The market has been fairly stable over past few years and is now beginning to rise again. Over this period we have focused on selling ready properties where we have total control and where we also provide the after sales management. Thus we are 100% responsible and liable for both the properties and the service levels. Our most popular products have been ready low cost Studio and 1-bed apartments that have been purchased by buyers as purely investment properties.

For other types of ‘own use’ properties and large Villas, we have still helped enquirers and where necessary advised them to deal with other reputable Dubai Estate Agents who specialize in their desired type of properties or locations.

It would be good to get views from visitors and clients on how we can improve our current product offerings and also our service.

Additionally, if you have already purchased from us, particularly over the past few years, and would like to comment on the pre-sales and after-sales service we have provided, please go ahead.

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14 thoughts on “Rate Openshore on our products and services”

  1. I actually purchased via you in June 2008. It was a property in Ajman that never got build. I had paid about 25% before you asked me to stop making payments to the developer that was not building anything despite their claims. I am grateful that you got me a ready property in Dubai last year for less than the remaining 75% although I was reluctant to do this initially. In September this year I visited Dubai and your staff were very good and picked me up from my hotel and showed me my property which was rented to an Egyptian couple. Now I do feel happy as I see that prices on Properties have gone up by more than 25%. I was happy with your service even when I was having problems with the Ajman developer. Your staff always replied to my emails and calls promptly and offered sensible advice – even though they did not achieve a refund from the developer. I am sure your company will so well.

  2. I bought the studio from you and got good advice. I only bought it after I visited your uk office in lancashire. That gave me a lot of confidence to deal with you. I also visited Dubai last month to seem the property. I am happy with the property but the rent needs to be increased. prices in Dubai have gone up and your people did say that rents should be even higher now. I am happy with your service but please can you increase the rent when it comes for renwal in 3 months

  3. We were not happy with the property we originally got. It didn’t have a proper balcony. Thanks for switching it to the current property which is fine and we are both happy with it. Your products and services are good for people who want a simple investment apartment in Dubai but don’t want any hassle. It was good that you did everything for us without us initially having to go to Dubai or making any payments to Dubai.
    You can improve your service by providing good high quality videos of your properties. That would have helped us and we would have avoided the balcony issue.

  4. Very good service for people who want to buy a low cost investment property in Dubai and don’t want to deal with it. The fact that you do everything was what made me purchase via your company. I rate your service as excellent.
    However you were not able to provide much help to my sister who wanted to buy the 4 bedroom villa. I suppose you cannot do everything – thanks for your help.

  5. Your website is not that good. you should improve this as the service you offer is very good. Like some of the comments before openshore is good for people wanting an investment property with minimal risks. As you deal only in ready properties, do everything and have offices in UK and Dubai it does give people more confidence. That is what made me chose you.

  6. Thanks for selling our property. You were the only company we could find (and trust) that could have sold our property as we did not want to go to Dubai and just could not trust the Dubai agents to do it for us and to pay us here in the UK. Visiting your UK office was the major factor that helped us to decide to use you and we were impressed that you paid our travel costs to visit your UK office.

  7. Overall looking at your service and properties that you recommend, I would say that these are not the prime properties in Dubai, even though they may give the best rental returns. These are good for people wanting to invest in a Studio or other small apartments. They are not suitable for people wanting good decent property for their own use. Perhaps you could improve things by selling decent villas and also good properties on the Palm and Marina even though they may be quite expensive. If you offered the same payment plans as your smaller properties you will sell many. It is definitely a market you are missing.

  8. Very happy with the pre-sales and after-sales service. I have dealt with several people in your company in Uk and Dubai and am pleased to say all have been very friendly and helpful. I get my rental statements and payments into my bank account on time and the best news is that finally Dubai prices are going up!

  9. I have not bought from you and thus am not a customer. I get your ‘Dubai Property News’ mailshots. You should provide a legal management service to people who have properties stuck in Dubai. The current law firms in Dubai are not very good and even though they charge high fees, they never get anything done and are lousy at customer service or simply keep their clients informed. I am sure you will do well as your reputation is good

  10. Your product range is not that wide at present.. Your Sandcastles company in Dubai has a wider range of properties including villas. Why do you not market those as well.

  11. I purchased via your company in July 2008, just before the property price crash in Dubai. I feel you could have warned me against buying or given more caution as I did end up losing lots of money even though this was not directly your fault. For this reason I am not happy with your service.

  12. Dear Ranjit, thanks for your comment on this page. In hindsight, we regret recommending this property to you in 2008. However, at the time, we like many other people did not envisage such a financial crisis would occur and that it would have such devastating consequences for the property market in the UAE.

    In fact we regret recommending every property sold in 2008. This is because from end of 2008 to June 2009, Dubai property prices fell by over 50% and many off-plan projects got cancelled. This was not within our control but we have learnt and are more cautious now and are now dealing only with ready-built properties.

  13. I did not know until recently that you also have a company that sells investment property in the UK. You should highlight this more as many people want to lower their risks by switching from Dubai to UK. You are well placed to sell their Dubai property and help them to buy one in the UK.

  14. I have just purchased beginning of January. So far I am happy with your service and everything. However I need to see how you look after the property and manage it. Hopefully your service will also be good with regards to the property management.

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